donderdag 31 mei 2012

opvouwbaar bootje 'Foldboat'

Twee studenten (Royal college of Art) bedachten een opvouwbaar bootje. Humor!
Ze werden genomineerd voor de Wallpaper* Design Awards 2012.


We first spotted the ‘Foldboat' at 
last year's Royal College of Art graduate show.
The challenge of generating a 3D volume from two-dimensional sheet material is not new, but we were charmed by the boat's basic engineering and complete lack of artifice.
Using a sheet of high-density polyethylene plastic, the designers crafted a vessel that can literally be folded away and packed into the boot of a car or simply slung over the shoulder. 
Components were kept to a minimum; the boat folds itself along grooves scored into the material. 
This makes assembly a doddle. 
The boat fits two relaxed, patient travellers: buoyancy is, for now at least, best suited for paddling on calm, flat waters
Key features: Foldaway construction on a single 
sheetMaterial: Polyethylene

Even het protype-ontwerp uitproberen...

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