donderdag 10 juli 2014

stock coffee

Prachtig voorbeeld van een goede combinatie 
industrieel & fris

industrial look :

by Budjevac

black/white/wood & hand- drawn decorations

I love it !

As a little social media experiment in the era of „selfies“,
catchy writings are visible on the bathroom mirrors.
This incites many clients to take selfies and share them
 on social media thus making an original marketing trick.

 A large wall, 10 meters long and 5 meters high,
stretches through the whole coffee shop and is used as a blackboard:
its hand-drawn decorations are made by the young Serbian artist
Jelena Ilić.

The lighting, dominated by metal spot reflectors
and combined with natural looking pendants made of paper,
brings a softer edge to the whole ambiance
and fits the overall industrial look.

Some old, metal sewer pipes are also left visible,
going through both stories,
but covered with special rubber-like insulation for a softer look.