woensdag 6 juni 2012

man & textiel

Wie zegt dat jongens niet kunnen 'handwerken' ?

 Timothy Johnde wever.....

he art of furniture

with our hands

the full potential of materials 

innovative techniques


the new while respecting the old


Heel toepasselijk 'the pessimist', deze vilten hanglamp.

'the exhibitionist'

'the traditionalist'


jan-rose, de punniker....

"The knitting craftsman” is a response to the ongoing trend of amateur craft making and professional rapid prototyping. Through the process of knitting I want to imply a new “old” way of (rapid) manufacturing. As we all know mass production is inflexible because it is difficult to alter a design or production process after a production line is implemented. All the products produced on one production line will be identical or very similar. Knitting machines can vary easily. Therefore this project is also addressing the topic of consumption, customers wish to be more involved in the design/making process.

Mattis Esnault, de quilter.....

"Coming from a reflection on the digital and audiovisual worlds, this project draws on some powerful images that emerge. How do you get this virtual world in the material world and the world of textures ?

Echoing the pixels, I embraced the notion of frame in this work. Then, the concepts of sound wave frequency and came to feed the project to create the chair Waves.

Then comes a skin to hang and cover the seat. This work of quilting, adopting a predefined frame, gives rise to a surface that seems to animate and follow undulating movements.

Texture, composed of 3D textile brand Kvadrat, provides a surface relief that catches the light at any point on the seat. It is dynamic, and ergonomics add to the comfort of quilting. "

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